MFNZ 72nd Nationals
 75th MFNZ National Championships at Carterton 2023 - Entry FAQ

1. What do I do if I need to add more events that I wish to compete in.
Answer: If you can't remember exactly what events you have or haven't entered, go to here and select your MFNZ No/Name (only current entries are displayed). This will display the events you are currently entered in. Having determined what additional events you wish enter, go to the Nats registration. Once you have entered your MFNZ No, if you have exists entries for this nats, you will receive the message "You have already entered some events for the 71th Nationals, only add the events you haven't already entered". Now click the extra events you wish to enter. Once completed, click Submit Entry and you will receive an email confirming the extra entries. Note that the email lists ALL events you have entered and also includes the receipt no. of the web session where is was entered. You will receive an email (assuming you entered a valid email address) with all the events you have entered. The Total to Pay will be based on all those events. If you have already paid via the internet, you just need to pay the difference of what you paid and the new total.
2. What do I do if I decide to withdraw from 1 or more events.
Answer: You cannot do this online. This will have to be attended to at Registration.
3. The system will not allow me to complete the entry form.
Answer: This could occur for a number of reasons. If you get a spurious error message which doesn't make sense, first check your input. If that looks reasonable, then it maybe time to update your browser to the latest version If that doesn't fix it, then contact the sites webmaster.
4. Any other questions?
Email: here