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Trophy Code Trophy Name
1 F/F Nordic A2 (FAI F1A), New Zealand Aerial Mapping Trophy
2 F/F Indoor H L Glider, A. Leong Trophy
3 F/F Wakefield (FAI F1B), NZMAA Trophy Donated by J. Malkin
4 Free Flight Power (FAI F1C), Tasman Airways Trophy
5 Free Flight Ladies Event, Deakin Trophy
6 NZMAA Class B Indoor National Championship
7 Free Flight Aggregate, Hamilton MAC Trophy
8 Free Flight Rubber P 30, FFONZ Trophy
9 F/F Outdoor H l Glider, Sir Keith Park Trophy
10 F/F Nordic A1 Glider, NZMAA Trophy Named Nordic A1
11 Walker Cup
13 R/C Vintage Precision, Donated by Wigram Club
14 R/C Vintage Duration, Wigram Trophy
15 Novice Stunt Ashburton MAC
16 C/L Goodyear Team Race, Rotorua MAC Trophy
17 NZMAA Combat National Championship
19 C/L Class B Team Race, Palmerston North Aeroneers Trophy
20 C/L Classic B Team Race, Donated By Rob Collins
21 R/C Soaring (FAI F3B), NZMAA F3B Trophy
22 R/C Premier Duration, Donated by NZMAA
23 NZMAA National Championship Hand Launch Glider
24 R/C Class A Thermal, Les Wright Trophy
25 AMAC Nationals Trophy Presented by Auckland Model Aero Club (No Lid)
26 C/L Scale (FAI F4B), Farmers Trading Co. Trophy
27 C/L Profile Scale, Alloted Don Hague Trophy
28 F/F Indoor Peanut, Donated by ETA Nuts Ltd
29 R/C Sportsman Pylon Trophy, Donated by L. King & A. Bell
30 Radio Control Pylon, Frankton Model Shop Trophy
31 R/C Novice Aerobatics, Tokoroa Model & Boat Club Trophy
32 R/C Advanced Aerobatics, Donated By Papakura MAC
33 R/C Aerobatics (FAI F3A), NZMAA F3A Trophy
35 NZMAA Open glider National Champion Donated Free Flight SIG
36 Class D Indoor National Championship
37 Free Flight Open Rubber, W. L. Watson Trophy
38 Free Flight Open Power, Model Supplies Trophy
39 Cooksey Trophy
40 Fenn Trophy 1st spark
41 Vintage Glider Trophy by M. Taylor
42 NZMAA Sapwell Trophy for 1/2A Texaco, Donated by Hec Sapwell 1993
43 Wisemans Trophy NZMAA National Champion
44 C/L 1/2 A Team Race, NZMAA 1/2 A Team Race Trophy
45 The Ross Harman Memorial Sportsman Trophy, Northern District
46 R/C Helicopter (FAI F3C), Wharekawa Helicopter Trophy
47 NZMAA Trophy
48 Airsail Trophy
49 Airsail Trophy
50 NZMAA Scale Champion Nationals Presented by Christchurch Model Aero Club Inc
51 Modelair Trophy
52 Keilkraft Trophy
53 Airsail Trophy
54 HMV Trophy
63 Present to NZMAA Pan American World Airways NZ Nationals 1956
64 Half A Power National Champion donated by NZMAA Free Flight Technical Committee
65 Junior Aggy Donated by Mrs Jean Golding Timaru
66 Kiwi Power NZ Nationals Presented by FFONZ News
67 NOSGAS Trophy NZ Nationals fore Nostalgia FF Power Presented by Rex Bain
68 Diesel/Glow Plug
69 NZMAA Clarke Trophy for Vintage FF Precision Power Glider Rubber
70 Alwyn Graves Vintage HLG Trophy
71 F2B - Airsail Nationals Champion Direct Control Aerobatics
72 NZMAA Combat National Champion
74 Collinson Trophy
75 Class 3 Speed ??
76 NZMAA National Champion Electric 7x7
78 Presented to NZMAA (Inc) The Farmers Trading Company 1950 Nationals Control Line Scale
79 NZMAA Henderson Cup Intermediate Pylon Racing
80 Radio Control Scale Technical Committee National Champion Limited Scale
81 Large Scale Presented by Galloway Family
82 National Champion NZIMAC Sportsman Scale Aerobatics
83 National Champion NZIMAC Advanced Scale Aerobatics
84 National Champion NZIMAC Unlimited Scale Aerobatics
85 NZIMAC Free Style Aerobatics Donated by Mrs E Dickens ??
86 FFONZ Junior Trophy presented by Airsail Int'l
87 NZMAA Top Junior F1A Presented by Rod Lewis
88 Canterbury Sail Planes Junior R/C Champion
89 NZMAA Nationals Trophy F4D Indoor Scale Open Rubber Class
90 NZMAA Nationals Trophy Scale Free Flight Low Power Class CO2 Electric Jetex
91 NZMAA Nationals Trophy Scale Free Flight Rubber Class
92 NZ Pylon Quickie 500 Sportsman
94 NZMAA National Champion F3J
95 National Champion NZIMAC Sportsman Scale Aerobatics
96 Texaco A Champion National Championships Donated by CMAC & JRG Design
97 NZMAA Top Junior F1A Presented by Rod Lewis
101 NDC Junior Collinson Memorial 
102 NDC Champion
103 Pylon Quickie 500
104 Radio Control Champion Presented by NZMAA
105 Scale Aerobatics Intermediate IMAC