The AGM of the Free Flight and Control Line Scale SIG will be held on the 12th April 2019 (new date) at 96A St Heliers Bay Road St Heliers Auckland commencing at 7.30pm.

Order of Business.
1. Welcome from the Chairman.
2. Call for apologies.
3. Approve the Minutes of the last AGM held on 21 st April 2017.
4. Matters arising.
5. Chairpersons Report.
6. Financial Report.
7. Election of Committee.
 Chairman (The Chairman is stepping down)
 Secretary
 Treasurer
 Committee
The existing Committee are willing to stand again.

General Business.

Note: Should you be unable to attend or wish to stand for the Committee please use the Proxy form which is available from the SIG ffclscalesig@outlook.com or phone 096368439.

Mike Fairgray

FF & CL Scale SIG.

Ricky Bould
50 Penzance Road                  
Browns Bay                        
NORTH SHORE              
Email unimec1994@gmail.com

Kit Scale Rules
Kit Scale Judging Sheet
Click here to view and download a copy of the FAI Rules.
This will provide rules for all Free Flight and Control Line scale classes.  Look specifically for the following headings:- 

F4A Free Flight Power Scale

F4D Indoor Free Flight Rubber Scale

F4E Indoor Free Flight CO2 Scale

F4F Indoor Free Flight Peanut Scale

F4B Control Line Scale

Note 1:
 For Outdoor Free Flight CO2 and Electric Low Powered Scale Use the F4E Rules with the following amendments

 1. Battery is to be a maximum of three cells, 3.8 to 3.9 Volts 110 Milliamps either Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) or Lithium Polymer (LiPo).

2. Jetex motors are allowed.

Note 2:-
 For Outdoor Free Fight Rubber Scale use F4D Rules with the following amendment.

Models are to have a minimum wingspan of 375 mm.

Note 3:-
Control line scale models. F4B Use of  2.4 GHz Wireless as a Secondary Control

2.4 GHz wireless control may be used for secondary functions, including but not limited to throttle control, flaps and retracts.  Elevation must be controlled by one or more lines operated by the flyer.

Notice:-- Provisional Class to be introduced at 2016 Nationals

This proposed amendment to the F4A Electric Free Flight Scale Rules is to allow for the use of more powerful electric motors and batteries for larger models.

The electric motor shall have a limit of 400 watts and where the model’s power supply is over 110mAh, a safety device to cut power to the motor is to be incorporated to prevent overloading of the battery in the event that the motor is stalled.

Should there be sufficient interest the SIG will propose that this amendment be ratified.

General rules for static judging are to be found in the early section of the code.
Examples of judging sheets for both static and flying are included in the F4A section.

Outdoor Rubber Plan Scale Competition.

This is the third year that the postal competition for models constructed from a published plan has been held.   
2015 saw a record entry of 10 models all achieving qualifying flights.  While the increase in numbers is encouraging it would be great to see entries from the rest of the country as 2015 entries only came from the Auckland area.


2016 Competition

To be held from 1st March 2016 to 31st October 2016.

The plan scale competition is intended as an entry level to free flight rubber scale and as such the competitor and model which gains first place will not be eligible to gain first place again in this competition.  However this does not preclude the competitor from entering again.  
Gaining first place should provide the incentive to move on to a class such as Kit Scale or Outdoor Rubber Scale and thus increase the participation in these classes and the competition experience of the competitor.

With the Nationals being held later in the year results gained at the Nationals for your model can be used for the plan scale postal competition.

The plan scale postal competition must be one of the easiest scale competitions to enter.  A lot of time need not be spent on detail, correct outlines, loads of documentation and attending a scale competition to enter.  You can keep it simple and pick the time and place that best suites you.

2016 Rules:

  • The builder of the model rule applies

  • An independent person is required to time the model

  • Each competitor may send up to two qualifying entries per model.

  • Models must be constructed as per the plan using the materials specified and tissue covered.

  • Plastic propellers are allowed, but not feathering, folding propellers or gearing.

  • To qualify for an official flight, the model must be flown for a minimum of 15 seconds

  • Each second of flight time will be counted as 1 point.

  • Provide proof of plan i.e. web site, kit or photo/scan of plan.

  • Provide name of the model and one clear side view photo of the model for identification.

So why not give it a go, if scratch building from a plan is not your thing there are number of scale rubber kits available at a reasonable price.

Useful places to obtain plans.

    • Scale Free Flight and Control Line SIG has access to a wide range of plans in PDF format on a CD or via email.

    • Go to Outerzone, Hip Pocket or Mikes Model Page website for a large number of plans from all sources.

Competition contact:-

Mike Fairgray model.1@windowslive.com 09 6368 439 (Auckland)

Don Spray drmspray@xtra.co.nz 09 8284 892

** Registration form **

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