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5.1. Introduction 
5.1.1. The National Decentralised Competition (NDC) is intended to foster competition during the year and may be used as a basis for Club competition calendars. Club members results are forwarded by club recording officers to the NZMAA recording officer who collates all results. Trophies for individual winner, top junior and winning club are presented at the National Championships prizegiving at the end of the year. The scores obtained by juniors are used to decide best junior. 
5.1.2. The last competition is usually at the end of November each year to allow for collation of the last results and calculation of all scores before the Nationals. 
5.1.3. The competition includes classes that obtain a result by the timing of flights. Classes that involve the judging of flights or models cannot be competed for on a decentralised basis. 
5.2. NDC Rules
All competitions will be flown to the current NZMAA rules.
5.2.2. The NZMAA Recording Officer will publish the Programme of events for the year with the last “NZ Model Flying World” of the preceding year. 
5.2.3 Eligible Flying Days. The NDC programme will advertise events to be flown in each calendar month January through to November. Flights may be made on any Saturday or Sunday for the advertised events for that month. The contestant must advise the timer before starting the event that these are official NDC flights. The contestant must then complete the event that day and may not restart or complete it on another day. Where the event is a club or SIG event the contest director may declare the event an official NDC event.” 
5.3. NDC Results 
5.3.1. Scoring. Each individual event will be scored as per scoring at the Nationals (See para 3.5.5. in these rules). Totals for individuals and clubs will be used to decide placing for the year. 
5.3.2. Forwarding Results. Clubs must forward results to the NZMAA Recording Officer. To be included, the NZMAA recording officer must have received results within 14 days of the authorised date of the competition. 
5.3.3. Publication of Results. Progress results will be published in "NZ Model Flying World" magazine during the year. The first 10 placings overall will be posted at the Nationals and in the first magazine of the year. A full list of the overall results for individual competitors may be obtained by sending a self addressed, stamped envelope to the NZMAA Recording Officer after the Nationals.
5.3.4. Indoor Events. The ceiling height of the venue is to be submitted with results of Indoor events.
NZMAA Flying Rules : 

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