Information on a plane I want to buy

Information on a plane I want to buy

Postby si.cleary1 » Tue Jul 08, 2014 10:44 am

Hi There.
I was wanting to see if anyone had any information on this plane I want to buy, Pros - Cons what I need to know and if it's a good buy for a beginner into aerobatic flight. I currently fly scale planes and helicopters, can do 3D with heli.

Any help and advice would be appreciated

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Re: Information on a plane I want to buy

Postby GFriend » Mon Jul 14, 2014 9:43 pm

Aside from the rant on value, getting down to the nitty gritty of your question of "if it's a good buy for a beginner into aerobatic flight", providing that it balanced and if it's set-up correctly with the right amount of throws, expo, correct servos etc, the only thing stopping a relatively large aerobatic plane like this one from being a good aerobatic beginners plane is the 'butt clench' issue that comes from the fear of replacing it. Bigger fly's better remember!!

If your not concerned about replacement cost, get it, start out slow with lower rates, get the feel of it then allow yourself to grow over time. If you are concerned about replacement cost, there are aircraft like the FMS or E-Flight yak54 that a cheaper, still VERY capable, yet not so hard on the pocket book if/when you stack it (and can be glued back together as long as it's not too hard of a crash).

The thing to remember with big aerobats like this, is that aside from the very responsive nature as a result of their large control surfaces and big deflections on those throws, is that they generally glide well, have very low wing loadings, track fantastically well and can land at some pretty low speeds. It's only their 'responsiveness' that makes them difficult to fly, and any good radio can overcome that with just the flick of a switch! (and some well thought out programming). They are such nice flyers when de-tuned (re responsiveness) that I personally used one as a '2nd' place right after my trainer (I came from heli's also) - I just set it up to behave like a low wing trainer with great success, and that was all down to the transmitter settings.
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