"Essence" Glider Repair

"Essence" Glider Repair

Postby Hayden » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:23 pm

No so much a build as a repair this one, but I'll post it here anyway!

A few years ago at an Ambury farm glider event our trusty Midwest "Essence" went up
on one of the chap's powerful winches and decided to clap it's wings, and then plummet into
the soft mud.

Fast forward a couple of years to last week, when I decided to get it out from under the stairs
and have a crack at repairing the damage.
On the left-hand wing, the top/bottom spars and most of the inner ribs were smashed or shattered, but
the outer ribs were a-ok. The right-hand wing was the complete opposite, with the inner ribs
fine, but the outer ones all smashed. The fuselage suffered minor damage, with the odd scratch and
one snapped off tail.

The fuselage was easily repaired, with the covering stripped, a dab of glue, and a good sand, it's
ready to be re-covered.

The wings took a little longer!
Being a kit only the inner rib template was given, so a bit of sketching and creativity was required
to get the outer ones back.
As the spars on the left wing were snapped like carrots, new ones were in order - luckily the "junk" box
was at hand, and there was 'just' enough to do the job (no room for mistakes here - measure twice, cut once!).
All the inner ribs were pulled out and the trailing and leading edges were cleaned up.

Anyway.... long story short - anything that was broken was either restored or had a replacement made,
and now everything is as good as new!

It's sitting in the corner waiting for someone to re-cover it (yes, that'll be you Dad!)
It will live to fly again! (can't do that with a foamy.. :) )

Repaired Wing
Left Hand wing
Wings before repairs
Fuselage before repairs
Brother pulling it out of the ground
"Essence" in a muddy grave...
- HP
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Re: "Essence" Glider Repair

Postby aurora 60 » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:46 pm

That looked just like my Mark's Models Windward on my first hi-start attempt back in 1982. I forgot to turn on my transmitter :roll:
Had to rebuild her and she flew great everyday after school.
Nice to see you bringing yours back to life.

aurora 60
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