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CL Jet Speed Record - 217.18mph!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:41 pm
by Andrew Robinson
On Sunday 17th February I managed to break my current New Zealand Control Line Jet Speed record by nearly 6mph with an awesome run of 217.18mph. (349.51km/h)
Model was my Blue Thunder-TARFU style sidewinder with a modified Jet Bill FastJet engine. Fuel was 60% Nitro & 40% Prop Ox on a 0.047" metering jet running on pressure.
The Weather was 22°C temperature, 64% relative humidity & 999 millibars air pressure.
This gave a 95.64% Relative Air Density or a Density Altitude of 1,515ft.
The line was 19.90m x 0.80mm monoline giving 8 Laps for 1 kilometer.

Watch the flight on Youtube here; ENJOY!!!

I had done an earlier flight on standard 80% Methanol - 20% Nitro fuel for 194.5mph.

Also won Sport Jet at 152.61mph.

That capped of an excellent weekend of racing and jet flying here in New Zealand.
Full results will be posted separately.

Andrew Robinson