Kirwee Nats - Control Line

Kirwee Nats - Control Line

Postby ash » Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:21 pm

The Kirwee Nats is done and dusted.... especially the dusted part ;) It was a great time filled with all the usual Nats features like old friends, new friends, incessant wind, bright sunshine, noise, dirt, barley grass, barbed wire, and diesel stains. Control line flying was split between Darfield Airstrip and the Christchurch A&P Showgrounds. Both proved to be dusty and windy places much of the time, with significant care required in the placement of models on the ground as well as in the air, to avoid venturis being filled with dirt, either by breeze or force of impact. Poor old Dave Wright was one of the early victims of this, with his F2B flight resulting in carnage as the wind grew from quite civilised at the beginning to quite savage during the very short course of his official attempt. The long serving Pace rendered unto matchsticks on the hard Canterbury Plains. Brendan Robinson was similarly unfortunate to have his lovely ex-Barney Class 1 speed model broken up when the single blade prop broke on the tarmac, resulting in the still running engine vibrating the model to bits. I'm sure we'll see both come back from the dead in some form before too long.

F2B was all over in one round, the conditions being deemed unsafe by some and eventually in excess of the FAI limits. Most of the first two days events were postponed for the same reason. By Day Three, we were on the tarmac in Christchurch for some racing. Both Goodyear classes had support and most of the day was focussed on the GY format.

nats 2013 open gy final.jpg
Andrew Robinson and Jon Spain fly out the last half of the Open Goodyear final.
nats 2013 open gy final.jpg (39.09 KiB) Viewed 6327 times

Dave Wright's Nationals fortunes improved slightly in Open GY with his ST X21 powered Boo Ray model completing its first 90 laps in a row and making it to its first final. The undercarriage had taken a beating in the process, however, and after 97 laps it could take no more. Rob Wallace had by far the fastest model of the day, but it too had campaign ending troubles. After a ten-pitstop heat it was discovered to have a cracked tank, ending Rob's involvement. Clan Robinson again collectively showed the merits of proper prior preparation, with their rejigged Slow GY models playing the reliable tortoises to finish first and second in the Open GY final. It was great to see Mike Watt and Les Pilgrim from Timaru make their Slow GY debut at the Nats. A few undercarriage difficulties and field repairs kept them busy and unfortunately out of contention. I look forward to seeing more of them in coming years.

Rob at the Nats 2013.jpg
Rob Wallace pitting his Slow GY model.
Rob at the Nats 2013.jpg (45.53 KiB) Viewed 6327 times

Speed on Day Four was interrupted for me by a long morning of Free Flight and I missed all the early excitement, but got there in time to put up flights in Class 1, 2 and 3. Two and Three didn't really go to plan - I needed to come earlier and do some test flights to check settings, new props and mini pipes. The Class 1 model is as reliable as ever and did an OK flight on an untried prop to secure the top spot. I'm really looking forward to seeing Brendan's model back in action to go head to head with my next one generation model and push the record to new levels!

Day Five was supposed to be a relaxing wind-down day with only Midge, Phantom and Flitestreak scheduled. There were insufficient entries in these non-points events, so they didn't happen, but the day ended up being very full nonetheless. Slow Combat and F2D had been postponed early in the week, so it was all on in hot sunny weather with manageable wind levels. Phil Corfield and Andrew Robinson each suffered the worst luck of the day with model and motor difficulties keeping them grounded and frustrated much of the time. Doug Palmer seemed to be eating up models and constantly repairing, but it did him no harm, seeing him through to the final against his son, James. Between them they decided to allow a fresh model for the final and make it winner takes all in one grand final bout. James was the victor, taking the Ron Norton trophy again.

nats 2013 f2d.jpg
Probably Simon Barnes and James Palmer locked in F2D Combat
nats 2013 f2d.jpg (20.06 KiB) Viewed 6327 times

Many thanks to the people who made this event possible, especially overall CD Kevin Barnes, Stunt judges Andrew Robinson and Karen Barnes, Combat officials Dave Wright and Roger Palmer, and all the many TR and Speed timing volunteers. See you all next time at Clareville!

CDs' reports from the Flypaper:

Event 045 Percentage Speed
Today dawned bright and sunny with low wind at the start. A
mixture of classes were represented with the jets and piston
power. Contestants flew classes 1,2,3 and 5 (jet) Hard luck
story of the day was Brendan Robinson with his piped sidewinder Class 1 model that clipped the ground during flight and
shattered into pieces when the motor shaft ran.
As the pylon was a temporary fixture, it was interesting with
the pylon and the base moving with the jet flights.
Adrian Hamilton arrived after free flight in the morning to win
the competition after battling engine problems.

Percentage Speed

1 Adrian Hamilton NOCL Snr Class 1 95.15%
2 Andrew Robinson NPMA Snr Class 5 83.35%
3 Don Robinson NPMA Snr Class 5 72.18%
4 Brendan Robinson NPMA Snr Class 5 71.21%
5 Rob Wallace HBRF Snr Class 5 62.67%

Event 034 FAI F2B Aerobatics
Unfortunately the event was severly effected by the weather with
only 1 round of 3 able to be flown. Loren Nell flew well to take
first place. Dave Wright had his model blown into the ground due
to the wind condition and written off. Thanks to Andrew for

034 FAI F2B Aerobatics
1 L. Nell HMAC Snr 936.5
2 Kevin Barnes HMAC Snr 864.5
3 A. Hamilton NOCL Snr 792
4 D. Robinson NPMA Snr 783.5
5 D.C. Wright AFFC Snr 124

Event 035 Sportsman Aerobatics
Finally a result after a number of days of postponements for
weather. A very even contest spread out over 4 hrs running
alongside another event. Strong NE winds affected all flying.
Phil Corfield did well with some good manoeuvres and room to
improve. Graeme Duncan managed the wind well after having
engine starting problem (dud plug) Rob Wallace flew in the
strongest of winds after running straight from team race.
Thanks to Karen Barnes for judging.

035 Sportsman Aerobatics
1 G. Duncan HMAC Snr 304
2 P. Corfield DNMA Snr 281
3 R. Wallace HBRF Snr 217.5

Event 038 Classic Stunt
Flown over 2 days badly affected by weather. Thanks to Karen
Barnes for flexibility in judging. Well done Phil Corfield for
good flying in trying conditions.

038 Classic Stunt
1 P. Corfield DNMA Snr 265 287
2 A. Hamilton NOCL Snr 38
3 G. Duncan HMAC Snr 10

Event 036 Classic A Team Race
Classic unfortunately suffered the wind but fliers managed well
with no carnage. Antony Groenewegen and Phil Corfield flew a
model that needed a wee bit of trimming and were allowed to
fly a solo race. Brendon Robinson and Kevin Barnes flew
against Andrew and Don Robinson in a good clean race. The
wind made flying tough but the model were well handled for
the conditions.

036 Classic A Team Race
1=T A. Robinson NPMA Snr 05:15.3
1=T D. Robinson NPMA Snr 05:15.3
2 B. Robinson NPMA Snr 05:30.5
3=T P. Corfield DNMA Snr 10:03
3=T A.D. Groenewegen SOMC Snr 10:03

Event 043 Open Goodyear
The tortoise/hare battle continues in Open Goodyear racing
with a mix of reliable, slow models and temperamental fast
models. This time round the tortoises prevailed in heavy wind
and bright sunshine. Rob Wallace’s super fast Mr D model suffered from fuel tank damage, overtaking many times in the air,
but losing all that advantage and more on the ground with
something like 10 pit stops. The Robinson lads brought experience and consistency and good preparation to take first and

043 Open Goodyear
1 A. Robinson NPMA Snr 6-09.41 14:45.0
2 B. Robinson NPMA Snr 5-54.84 14:59.6
3 D.C. Wright AFFC Snr 5-47.87 97 laps
4=T R. Wallace HBRF Snr 13-22.73

Event 044 Slow Goodyear
This remains the best supported team race class and we saw
some new faces from Timaru in Mike Watt and Les Pilgrim.
Their first heat stopped short after losing a wheel and they
weren’t able to continue. We look forward to their next entry..
Despite the strong wind, both Robinsons teams were able to put
in some mid-4-minute heats, leaving Phil Corfield and Rob
Wallace to battle for the 3rd spot in the final. Rob got there, but
his engine lost its needle valve at the half way point. Andrew
Robinson was again the victor by just over a minute.

044 Slow Goodyear
1 A. Robinson NPMA Snr 04:37.8 09:41.8
2 B. Robinson NPMA Snr 04:49.4 10:44.3
3=T R. Wallace HBRF Snr 05:28 79 laps
4 P. Corfield DNMA Snr 05:54.9
5 A. Hamilton NOCL Snr 06:02.7
6=T L Pilgrim Snr 29 laps
6=T M Watt SCMA Snr 29 laps

Event 037 FAI F2D Combat

Loud, Noisy, Difficult to operate, an triumph to youth full ability!!!
James and Doug flew well, Simon flew well with little practice.
Definitely a different level of “speed” and competence needed.
Very much fast and furious.

037 FAI F2D Combat
1 J.R.R Palmer NOCL Snr
2 S. Barnes NOCL Snr
3 M.D. Palmer NOCL Snr

Event 039 Slow Combat
Finally the weather gods smiled on us with a really good event
taking place. Good flying by Adrian Hamilton and Jon Spain
saw them through 4 rounds. The Palmers (Doug and James)
showed their experience at the 2012 world champs to meet in
the final. It was a very good final worthy of a nationals, it had it
all , cuts, crashes, restarts damaged models flying and ground
time a close win to James.
Thanks to Dave Wright as chief judge and Roger Palmer circle marshal.

039 Slow Combat
1 J.R.R Palmer NOCL Snr
2 M.D. Palmer NOCL Snr
3= J.P. Spain NOCL Snr
3= A. Hamilton NOCL Snr
5= S. Barnes NOCL Snr
5= Kevin Barnes HMAC Snr
7= P. Corfield DNMA Snr
7= A. Robinson NPMA Snr
7= P.A. Coghlan WMAC Snr

Control Line Champion
1. Adrian Hamilton NOCL Snr
2. Andrew Robinson NPMA Snr

Flypaper issues are available here until the next Nats:

Andrew Robinson has kindly provided the full F2B and Speed results which illustrate flight by flight results:
NZ Nats Results 2013.pdf
Detailed F2B and Speed results from Andrew Robinson.
(13.97 KiB) Downloaded 554 times

I don't have any pictures to share, so if you do have pictures, please post them or email them to me ash @ I will compile a piece for Aeromodeller magazine if we can get enough photos of the required quality.
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Re: Kirwee Nats - Control Line

Postby ash » Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:45 pm

Some pictures from Karen Barnes:

F2D Combat pits.

Team Palmer.

Thanks to Roger Palmer for doing the Centre-Marshal job all day.

Team Palmer prepare under the watchful gaze of Jon and Roger.

James Palmer vs Simon Barnes.

The F2D Combat field.

Nick and Simon Barnes on Aggy night.

Simon Barnes - Aggyricultural
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