Spring Control Line Champs 2012

Spring Control Line Champs 2012

Postby Andrew Robinson » Thu Sep 20, 2012 10:02 pm

The 2012 Spring Control Line Champs will be held over Labour Weekend (20-22nd Oct) at the New Plymouth MAC Control line facility, SH3 Junction Rd.

See the attached notice for events and schedule.

Everybody welcome to attend, to either fly or spectate.

Contact Andrew Robinson if further information is required.

Spring Champs Notice 2012.pdf
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Re: Spring Control Line Champs 2012

Postby ash » Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:33 pm

Ian Thompson wrote:Hi all, Saturday was fabulous far better than the forecast..I don`t have the results in front of me so working on memory here...1st up was Slow GY 8 entries..lots of good racing with Robbie & Dave taking the honours in a new record time for the final ..(they are cheating somehow..just got to find out how ) :-)..Rods engine went very sad in the 2nd heat so we couldn`t participate..Next was B & as Brendan had carved his finger on an .049 or some other powerhouse engine I got to pit Rods B..I am eternally grateful that he needed me to fly later in the day & the landings were gentle..That thing is HEAVY!!..starts nice so the finger didn`t get a workout :-)..as there were 4 entries 2 x 2 up heats were flown..Graeme had is Nova Rossi powered B out & gave us some entertainment in the pits before the race..He opened his fuel bottle & filled the squeeze bottle I was downwind & said are you running a Diesel..he had a sniff & said no its glow fuel.. the engine ran but wouldnt rev up properly..it sounded just like an under compressed diesel............
glow fuel solved all his issues..was amazing it actually ran :-)
The model showed some promise in the air but needs the fuel system sorting before its potential will be reached.
I think Rod ended up with the fastest time, Ashley next,then Dave Ackery & Graeme came 4th
Some F2F models were test flown in between the races..Graemes FISE Nelson powered Ex Clive Sharp one went well & certainly flies nicely.. Acks Own built Profi powered model flies very well & has the potential to go fast..I was being very gentle on the comp as its a new engine & the acceleration was leaving Dave behind ..BUT the smile on his face was great to see..Please get some new props Dave APC 6.5 x 5.5 are the go!( MBS models ;-)..)
My carbon winged model goes nice too surprised me a bit.. is rock solid in the groove & was fast (20.?/10 with a very light setting)... The Profi F2CN engines have some HP!! Rods eyes lit up & Robbie is collecting bits (finding them in his man cave) to assemble a model for his MK engine..This will be an excellent class dig those old F2C engines out & come play you can even have 15cc of fuel per tank :-)But no carbon props.. will make the war office happy :-)
I will continue this later I need zzz :-)
Next installment will be Classic.. A & FAI... Alec has a video of the action in Classic FAI. Some pics have been posted already...

Classic A was an interesting mix of tactics.. Rod loaned Robbie & Brendan the Enya powered model & instructed me not to let them pass us.. We used the X Paul Squires model with a G15 D in it.It has been fitted with a new 10cc fuel system but the engine is tired & range was severely lacking at an average of 14/15 laps a tank but with good airspeed after Rods bionic finger did its stuff. Well the Enya did get past us once after an optimistic compression setting by Rod..I think Brendan was so excited he screwed up the landing & they failed to complete the race.. Don & Andrew were consistent all through the event.. Alec I think had a few problems & didn`t perform at his best with the Ollie drawing blood from more than one persons finger! Ashley was off the pace with his G15RVD powered model no going as fast as usual.. The finalists were : Don & Andrew Robinson , Ian & Rod , Ashley & Robbie.. The start was good with all three models in the air quickly.. Rods models lack of range was always going to be a problem.. we were down 1st & the "finger" was a blur..off again with only a couple of laps lost… we had the speed & managed a couple of overtakes each tank..Ashley was having trouble getting the model back to Robbie & was losing a lot of time every stop..Andrew was mr consistent & they had 5 stop range.. Rods finger was working at its best.. it almost had an overrun on one stop I heard the fingertape hit the prop after the engine was running..the look on his face was priceless .. Andrew found out the safety factor of using a handle grouper when he collected my head as I came in for one of the many landings…
After umpteen stops by us I hear Andrew say we beat you .. Then Rod indicated we had finished too.. Not sure if Ashley did the 200 laps as he had bent the UC & was having all sorts of bother.. Final result was Andrew & Don 1st , Ian & Rod 2nd 25 seconds behind but at least 10 stops ahead lol & Ashley & Robbie 3rd..Rods pit work was "SLICK" 
Classic FAI.. The 1st ever race of this class in NZ a historic occasion all captured on video by Alec..
Three models fronted up to the circle: Dave & Robbie Bolton with a Fora powered OD model , Dave Ackery & Graeme Christie with a Fora powered model, Ian & Rod with an Ex Paul Squires model re engined with a Fora & replumbed too..
Rods & Robbies model were pretty even for speed with Graemes a bit off the pace.. Rods was the most consistent & had the range to 2 stop easily after much work on the engine & fuel system..
These models were flying a bit faster than the performance limited events & there were a couple of tense moments as the lack of practice showed in the centre , the video will be interesting , Getting behind centre gets harder to cope with as speeds increase!! The end result was Ian & Rod 1st with a heat record 4.34  , Dave & Robbie 2nd with 4.51, Dave & Graeme 3rd with 5.37..
Ian & Rod decided not to fly again .. Dave Bolton wisely decided to hand the handle to Brendan & the 2nd heat was flown .. Dave & Graeme had a landing incident at 37 laps & couldn`t continue , Brendan & Robbie finished in 4.50..The planes are great to fly & look good .. If anyone with a Classic A wants to join in they are welcome to but they must do 2 stops & if the fuel tank is bigger than 10cc they cant hold any records Shutoffs are allowed & can be used in a race ..The performance of the NZ $140.00 Fora closely emulates the performance of the Classic Era..Its easy to use & bits are available.. Cheap racing & a lot of fun.. Pans , prop extensions etc are available from Andrew Nugent in Oz . At times he also has Fora `s & spare PL sets..
I hope to see more models at the Feb meeting in NP..

Dave Ackery's pictures: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 119&type=1
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Re: Spring Control Line Champs 2012

Postby Andrew Robinson » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:19 pm

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New Plymouth - 20-22nd Oct 2012.


Slow Goodyear Team Race    Rd 1      Rd 2      Final

1st  Bolton/Bolton       3-58.84   4-00.31   8-03.66
2nd  Graeme Christie     4-18.70   4-20.23   9-22.54
3rd  Andrew Robinson     7-23.00   4-27.88   11-26.65
4th  Rod Brown           4-14.52   31 Laps
5th  Dave Ackery         4-31.09   5-24.97
6th  Bryce Rackley       4-44.78   4-59.13
7th  Rob Wallace         26 Laps   5-27.04
8th  Bob Reynolds        61 Laps   30 Laps

Class B Team Race          Rd 1      Rd 2

1st  Ashley Keeling      3-51.50    4-05.84
2nd  Rod Brown           4-02.05      ---
3rd  Dave Ackery         4-57.19    4-58.93
4th  Graeme Christie     63 Laps

Classic A Team Race        Rd 1      Rd 2     Final

1st  Don Robinson        5-44.41   5-29.65   11-14.69
2nd  Rod Brown           6-13.72     ---     11-39.69
3rd  Ashley Keeling      6-09.92     ---     13-30.61
4th  Alec Fuller         7-52.22   6-22.57
5th  Brendan Robinson    94 Laps   6-25.31

Classic FAI Team Race         Rd 1      Rd 2

1st  Rod Brown/Ian Thompson 4-34.97     ---
2nd  Robert Bolton          4-51.75    4-50.38
3rd  Graeme Christie        5-37.32    37 laps

Percentage Speed          Class    mph      km/h    Percentage

1st  Bob Reynolds         2cc      96.34   155.04   91.17 %
2nd  Brendan Robinson     Perky    80.66   129.81   80.66
3rd  Don Robinson         Jet     152.48   245.40   71.98
4th  Andrew Robinson      Jet     146.05   235.04   68.95
5th  Alec Fuller          Jet     140.51   226.13   66.17
6th  Bryce Rackley        3.5cc   104.97   168.93   59.69
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Re: Spring Control Line Champs 2012

Postby ash » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:20 am

A Perky!

What engine in Brendan's Perky? Any pics?
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