2014 Waikato CL Champs - Results

2014 Waikato CL Champs - Results

Postby Andrew Robinson » Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:39 pm

Waikato Control line Champs 2014 "Grass Edition" 1st & 2nd February Horotiu Hamilton

Great weather again, attendance was down but some good flying and some thrilling combat flights which included a few mid air crashes.

During the early afternoon the wind increased a bit and Kevin Barnes caught the worst of it so his last flight was a low score.

Good to see Chris Allen back flying again.

Graeme Duncan had several flights with his Top Flite Nobler then retired to the shade of the trees to sort out a tank feed problem. When he went back to test fly he had a little kiss with the ground and damaged his model so he packed up and went to the beach early.

Loren Nell was flying his electric stunter and Kevin has converted his Russian Yatsenko model to electric as well. These two guys are both going to the World champs later in the year so they are both practicing hard. Competition flying was all over by 3 o’clock so I rang Brad and asked him to bring out his new class B team racer the he had bought from Mike Fiest so that we could test fly it.

It was a John Crombie design from the mid fifties called a Piggy Farmer powered by a Super Tigre G21/29 front induction motor. It is a motor that Brad has had for a long time andhe has no idea when or where he bought it but it is what we used in the late 60s early 70s. I had some proper team race fuel and an 8x7 APC prop so up for the first flight and only 7 laps. We kept screwing the needle in and managed 16 laps before an elevator horn came unsoldered and crashed. No damage except a broken prop but after some surgery at the back of the model we should be able to fly it again.

We had a great BBQ at Christine and Brendans on Saturday evening.

Sunday started with combat and we got away almost on time. We had six entries and the bouts rolled on thru with not to many delays. A few bout were fizzers with one motor not starting or an early crash and other bouts were awesome. Rob Morgan had a down line break during a line tangle so his model did continuous loops until it crashed, what a hell of a line tangle to sort out before they could get back to the pits. Graeme Christie managed to fly 5 bouts without loss.

We also had 6 entries in Slow Goodyear which gave us 3 up heats. The times are all over the place as people had various problems. My model was actually to fast as the rules state 26 seconds for 10 laps is as fast as you are allowed to go. Some of the time I was at 25 seconds but I lost all of that and more with slow landings and poor engine runs.

If you want speed you can fly a different class. This is a very popular class for a lot of people who are learning or are not very skilled at flying team race. Bob was a very happy chappie as I think this might have been a first win. As usual Andrew had a couple of steady heats. We had a new face entered Steve Hansen from Auckland. He hasn’t flown control line for many years and he managed to put in some reasonable times. Both Brendan and Adrian had issues.

Classic A. Nobody finished the first race and Ash and I got a DQ for taking off as John was landing his model. That put Don out and we were able to change models so that we could still race. This time we managed to complete the race.

Classic B. Only 2 entries but at least we completed a race. I think there may be some more entries soon.

A big thank you to everybody who came to fly, help, and be interested. Thanks to Ashley who brought 2 of his big ride-on mowers in to mow the circles on Friday.

Cheers Brian Howser.

F2B Aerobatics

1st Loren Nell 1054, 1042, 1046. Best two, 2100.

2nd Kevin Barnes 1014, 1056.5, 557. Best two, 2070.5.

3rd Don Robinson 729, 818, 852, Best two, 1670.

4th Chris Allen 791, 713, 755. Best two, 1546.

Sportsman Aerobatics.

1st Dave Ackery 322.5, 328.5, 314.5. Best two, 651.

2nd Dave Thornley 276.5, Zero, 282. Best two, 558.5.

Slow Combat.

1st Graeme Christie. W W W W W.

2nd= Rob Morgan. W W L L.

2nd= John Ryan. L W W L.

4th Andrew Robinson. W L L.

5th= Dave Thornley. L L.

5th= Bob Reynolds. L L.

Slow Goodyear.

Adrian Hamilton/ Bob Reynolds. 4.40.2, 6.19.4, 9.25.8 1st.

Andrew and Brendan Robinson. 5.09, 4.47.53, 9.34.5 2nd.

Ashley Keeling/ Brian Howser. 4.30.1, 4.48.3, 10.13 3rd.

Rob Morgan/Steve Hansen. 5.33.7, 5.10.74.

John Ryan/Brendan Robinson, 9.00.7, 32 laps.

Graeme Christie/Adrian Hamilton, 0, 58 laps.

Classic A team race.

John Ryan/Brendan Robinson, 71 laps, 5.40.17. 1st.

Ashley Keeling/Brian Howser, 81 laps DQ, 9.42.33. 2nd.

Andrew and Don Robinson. 82 laps, retired.

Classic B team race.

John Ryan 7.06.95. 1st.

Adrian Hamilton 8.21.87. 2nd.

Attached are the results of the "Tarmac Edition" of the Waikato Champs held in New Plymouth.
Waikato CL Champs 2014.pdf
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