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In the past year this part of the forum has been used as a debating arena rather than for its’ intended purpose which was simply as a means for asking a question of the Council. Some of the debate has been quite heated and it has not generated many conclusions or enlightened the membership. It has been decided to discontinue this public facility and revert to the traditional way of asking a question by phone, email or post. The contact details of the Councillors are published on this site and in every copy of Model Flying World. Emails can be sent to If the topic is of general interest it will be published together with the answer.

There have been three key topics debated:

The function of the Council.
At the recent AGM, the new President, the Treasurer and the Southern North Island Area Representative posts were endorsed by the membership together with the Councillors standing for re-election. The voting was 160 votes for and 1 against, which represents a strong vote in favour of the Council continuing to work for the good of the membership.

The Wings Badge scheme
The scheme is under constant review as the hobby changes its’ characteristics. It has been decided by the Council to have a thorough review to see if the scheme would benefit by introducing new features. Amongst considerations are that the terms of our insurance policy require that members are qualified or supervised by a qualified person whilst flying and so it is important that all competent flyers carry the qualification. An advisory group of members is to be formed to review and redraft the scheme in order to recommend any changes to the Council and ultimately the membership.

The Insurance scheme
In the past year, the scheme has been examined and extended to cover non-registered sites and Parks. The scheme has been judged fit for purpose and gives excellent value for money. The address given by our brokers at the AGM has answered the questions that have been raised.
The Council are always receptive to the views of the members and we will aim to answer any enquiries promptly.
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