Watts up Hobbies Burgled

Watts up Hobbies Burgled

Postby Jacko » Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:41 pm

From the wattsup site www.wattsup.co.nz -

Watts Up Hobbies

We have been Burgled!
Please contact the police or our shop if you see any of the items listed below being sold anywhere, trademe etc.
Shop customers please come round the back as the
front doors to the shop will be out of action for some time.

Kyosho 50 EP Spitfire Kit
Blade 450 X BNF Flybarless Helicopter
HS123 1m PNP (Camo) kitset
2.4GHz 4ch Thunder Micro Heli (Mode2)
Blade 120SR RTF M2 (Customers)
FMS Swift Kitset
T-REX 600N Fiberglass Canopy
T-REX 600N Fiberglass Canopy/White
T-REX 500 Scale Fuselage 500D
T-REX 450 Air Wolf Fuselage - Gray
Kyosho EP Warhawk 50
HoneyBee RTF Heli (Customers)
Large 3ch Counter Rotate Heli (Customers)
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