Guy Fawkes Event!!! - Blackfeet Flyers

Guy Fawkes Event!!! - Blackfeet Flyers

Postby Dale » Tue Oct 02, 2012 6:04 pm

Hey Everybody, the Blackfeet Flyers is having a bit of a fun weekend Nov 17 and 18, all invited.

Flying all day Saturday at Blackfeet strip for anyone who is interested. Centrally located between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga.

For you glider types, the peat right next door to the strip is clear, and weather permitting, you will have thermals to rival the best in the world.

Would like to hold a Spec400 pylon race during this Saturday for those who are keen to participate, so get the Rifles and slipos out and ready to go.

Will also have some wing combat, bring your assassin/bonsai/widowmaker/whatever and jump in for some carnage.

From 4pm we will move to a farm up the road for a BBQ and a bonfire and an ale or three.

Bring something to "donate" to the bbq and our head chef will grill it to perfection. Well, he'll grill it to something.

Speaking of donations, $10 per pilot to cover costs thanks.

Parkflyer type models will be most welcome to fly on the farm for a bunch of fun. (well, anything really if you can and want to get it airborne in a paddock!)

Camping overnight will be available onsite (note, in a paddock), and then you can fly again in the morning or return to Blackfeet strip if you wish. Motels available nearby if you prefer the finer things in life.

Obviously this is being done with Guy Fawkes in mind, so please save some fireworks for this weekend and bring them along.

Sign up here! (also let me know if you intend to competing in the spec400 race so we can plan heats).

Re: Guy Fawkes Event!!! - Blackfeet Flyers

Postby Dale » Thu Nov 15, 2012 9:30 pm

Due to weather forecast, event postponed until sometime in future...

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