Dale's Typhoon Thread #2

Re: Dale's Typhoon Thread #2

Postby Dale » Mon Apr 27, 2015 7:54 pm

I realised there was a post missing:
Exhausts were really the only thing left. I wanted them to look half decent, and thought 3D printing would be the way forward.
Some very helpful chaps from the aeromodelling community assisted, with one drawing the cad file, and another then printing them.

There were printed in "quarters", due to mounting and printing requirements.
A couple of hours later, they looked like this:

Some "assembly", quick sanding, spray filler, and then a case of "what colour are exhausts?" I grabbed whatever came to hand, which was silver, with a half-coat of a clear smoke tint over top. The flat mounting base is brushed black, to hopefully represent the fact that the exhausts are actually meant to be poking through a square hole, and also brushed the ends of the stubs. (i.e. where the hole should be!)

And finally:
They are mounted in two seperate pieces, half on the cowl and half on the fuse, so when the cowl is removed the front half comes off with the cowl.


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