David Boddington 'Tinker' 45" Biplane

David Boddington 'Tinker' 45" Biplane

Postby Hayden » Mon Mar 18, 2013 9:39 pm

(Again, I didn't take any build photos, but I've put it under the "build" section anyway)

The other week I finished my first "proper" model, a scratch built David Boddington "Tinker"
I got the plan pack sometime last year from DB Sport & Scale in the UK.
I chipped away at it over my University break, and here it is!

I've attached some photos of the finished plane - I've made some slight modifications
to the original design. The main one being an electric outrunner (a 0.10' equivalent
O.S. brushless), with a hatch on the top & air vent in the bottom. The LiPo is stored
in front of the L/G, with the top just behind the window & a hatch in the bottom of the fuse.
It also has a 2.4GHz Futaba receiver and 2x Savox
metal gear digital micro servos. I've also added a steerable tail wheel to improve ground handling.
It's covered in white/orange SolarTex.

It's just magic in the air - flew straight off the building board ("just like
a DB plane should", I'm told) - and was an absolute delight!
About 1/4 throttle is plenty to stooge around, and half would have been
what probably used to be full power!

As it's rudder/elevator only, it's not a massive fan of the wind, but it's
perfect for the calm early mornings :)

- HP
Tinker 1.JPG
Tinker 2.JPG
Tinker 3.JPG
- HP
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Re: David Boddington 'Tinker' 45" Biplane

Postby rhianna » Tue Apr 21, 2015 4:46 pm

wow... its great .. seeing this reminds me the plane in "Stuart little" . same size i think so.
Anyhow its a very delightful to see this little plane. thumbs up.
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