Parkflyers Podcast Episode 33 now online.

Parkflyers Podcast Episode 33 now online.

Postby kneedrag » Sat Aug 13, 2016 3:56 pm

This week we well are about a week late to upload this from when it was recorded. Paying the bills etc....

While we were recording this the Drone Nationals (Weiner Nationals) were being run, ... nationals/

Then how about some full sized chatter... Slightly improved blender. ... hannel=amazingdiyprojects

Then an almost production ready blender

Then we get the gas powered madness ... quadcopter definitely outside the parkflyers remit.

Then some budget FPV goggles... Not a bad price

Then to finish up some CNC porn.... drool......

Podcast should be ready on iTunes or download via this link :
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