Vintage model found in attic

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Vintage model found in attic

Postby researcher01 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:21 am

I am doing some research for a person who is writing a history of what has been going on on Hood Aerodrome over the last 90 years - It involves the late Alan Rowe a stalwart in the modelling fraternity and he was a microlight flying buddy of mine in his latter years as a pilot.

I recall that he had an interest in a model aircraft that had some (or did not have some) radio control gear and this model was found in the ceiling of a house in Wellington after dozens of years - it was returned to Alan at his home in Masterton and he went about in restoring the aircraft and I believe the late Stan Belworthy may have flown it. This model may have been one of the earliest in radio control flight and so I would like to see if this was the case.
I know there was an article in our local paper but I cannot locate it - I know some of the older local flyers will recall the model being restored and I hope they can assist with more info.

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