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Postby blitzu » Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:59 pm

My goal is to get my hoon machine down to 62.0-65.0sec times :twisted:
But ovisly i'll use as many watts as i need too :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
In saying that thou-even if thrs ample power...still hav to be a SWT pilot to fly at those speeds!
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Re: Patetonga Pylon Site

Postby Jacko » Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:48 pm

Nah couple of the Q500s sports collided, quite spectacular :P

Low 1,30s where what we were flying, with lots more to shave off with better lines (I was flying all over the place)

Ill edit up some video tomorrow, recovering from sun burn at the moment (with not a drop of rain all day! :lol: )

It very impressive how the F5D pros push low 50s with 1000W/min limits, incredible skills and efficient power plants.

Im not loving the outrunner on the nose idea, constantly pulling crap out of the front of motor after landing :(
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Postby blitzu » Mon Apr 01, 2013 6:05 am

lol.... shes mre of a paddock to land in up there,than a airstrip! :mrgreen: Hpefully Tauranga club (@ TECT Park) will be hosting a least a few Rd's of a pylon serries.Only trouble is we need to form a Elec pylon committee because either-theyre too old to race (no offence) or they use nitro motors (boo).
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Postby Jacko » Sun Apr 28, 2013 7:28 pm

Another great days racing,

Old man spruce didnt like coming 2nd after the last meeting so turned up with a new sports electric model, its was wooden and fluro yellow :P . He has started the sports electric class arms race :mrgreen: The wasps got more watts in it and we will reel him back in again. The airframe rules for sports electric have been provisionally nailed to 850g minimum weight, 666W @ 60% charge statically, so its pretty open and should allow for 90-100 second times

Fast Electric was getting really fast, much faster than last time. Although the times recorded dont agree, I actually think Brian is right and that they counted 11 laps as the planes were seriously moving, goofy flying was all that was slowing them down. At one point I was so busy thinking WOW thats fast that I forgot to turn :? The double carbon X-Planes wings were getting a good bend on! John D. was having launch issues with his electrified F3D model on the damp strip so unfortunatly didnt get it in the air.

Unfortunatly cooked one of the Xplanes packs with too many laps, so was only able to race 3 times to Brians 4 :cry:

The Sport Quickie guys are getting faster, some of the best lines ive seen yet, had another very minor mid air with one quickle chewing the tip of a vipers tail off :twisted:

Cheers to all involved, looking forward to the next meeting.


E Sport
1st. Brian Harris 398
2nd. Chris Jackson 407

Q500 Sport
1st. James Danby 465
2nd. Dave Wilkins 485.2
3rd. Gordon Meads 546
4th. Ron Stone 594
5th. Lyndon Perry 656
6th. Peter Kowalski 750
7th. Grant Finlay 800

E Fast

1st. Brian Harris 395
2nd. Chris Jackson 497
3rd. John Danks 800

IMG_0261 (Large).JPG
Wolf among the sheep :P

IMG_0263 (Large).JPG
Contemplating removing wheels for more speed?
IMG_0293 (Large).JPG
Spotted in Brians car.. needs more scoops
IMG_0289 (Large).JPG
Brian explaining how the moon/sun equinox was negatively affecting his lines
IMG_0276 (Large).JPG
Chasing tail..
IMG_0275 (Large).JPG
Two Vipers at number 1
IMG_0265 (Large).JPG
Timers hard at work
IMG_0264 (Large).JPG
Johns Electric F3D model
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