Friday the 28th of December 2018

  • 30 December 2018
  • admin

We arrived today at Waharoa airfield and set up camp. All the toys are out and the swimming pool is filling as we speak or Rowdys beer fridge at it is commonly referred to. We elected to come early and get some super-secret practice in for soaring unfortunately it is not so secret any more so we now refer to it as the event formerly known as super-secretpracticeandbeendowngraded to just practice. I have a meeting with Steve Warner tomorrow to help set up the office and get all the last minute details sorted out. Saw Bogan and Baldrick out practicing when we arrived and they came and paid us a visit. Just sat down and checked the weather forecast for the nats it is going to be a repeat of 3 years ago when we had stinking hot weather and calm conditions so if you want to do 6 days of flying get your bums in the driver’s seats and get to Waharoa. If you have not already registered or you are just hedging your bets re the weather you now have no excuses. Steve and the nationals team have done an outstanding job and a special big thank you to Mike Briggs for all your help making the event what it is. I look forward to seeing you at the airfield and talking some bullshit and having some fun. Regards Len Drabble.