Nats Report Day 5

  • 8 January 2018
  • admin

What a day! Why couldn’t they all have been like this?? Well, if we’d had 6 days as good as this, everyone would have collapsed with exhaustion. We made an early start and Vintage RC got out there at 7am to pack in a full days’ programme. In fact what they were hoping to do was to get as much of last years’ 5 day programme achieved in a single day, and by golly, they nearly did it! There was frenetic activity on the field and it would have been even busier if they had had spare timekeepers, but no matter, the weather was great and the new field even better. HQ had extended the shut off time by an hour to 4pm and so on all of our fields, aviation was happening in a big way.
Soaring decided to start the day by running the Radian competition and then going on to do F3K. This went well and a few people were able to Radian before dashing off to another field to compete in other events. The sky was buzzing from the blast of pulse jets on the control line circle to the roar of the IMAC machines over at RC1. As 4 pm approached, some had completed but others were able to squeeze in fly offs. The results was an avalanche of results coming in and the flying fingers of Phil Eldridge working his programme to the max to churn out results. Soon, the SIGs were holding their prizegiving meetings and tired hands were pressed together to reward the winners. We came together in the Vintage Car Club rooms next to HQ for the finale ceremony. Individual SIG Champions received their accolades and then the overall Champions were announced. Certificates and trophies were handed over by Hans Visser who has previously been our representative in Europe on the FAI and CIAM committees. The buffet meal included a Celebratory 70th Anniversary cake baked by Gill Shorer and loud cheering broke out when Wellington MAC took the Champion club award.
We had 603 entries placed by 132 competitors, so a very creditable outcome and numbers on a par with the best of recent years.
The plan for next year is for the 71st National Championships to be held at Matamata on the 3rd til 7th January 2019. Steve Warner will be the manager assisted by Mike and Frazer Briggs.
Plenty of time to undertake repairs and plan the winning strategy for next year……