Nats report Day 4

  • 7 January 2018
  • admin

Only those sleeping in solidly built houses got a good nights’ sleep. Otherwise, caravans shook, tents flapped and sheds rattled as the wind tore around us and the rain beat down. It didn’t seem like the ideal start to a days’ flying and so it proved. Meetings were held, decision times set and generally a lot of waiting around looking for an improvement in the conditions. Helicopter Fun Fly and Multirotor cancelled their events. Vintage made several forays to the field but 40kph is not compatible with lightly loaded old timers or their models. Soaring decided to take over the hall and run a paper plane competition. And so we were becalmed in the buildings, surrounded by gales. Around lunchtime, the sun came out but the strong wind persisted. Moods brightened when Pilot Pete turned up with his shop and shiny things proved irresistible to buy. Vintage made yet another trip to the field but even at 3pm it was still too windy. The RC1 team came up with a plan but were only able to get the pylon course set up ready for a better day. “What about Aggy” was the question on everyone’s lips. The forecast was that the wind would be down to 20kph by 8pm which sounds quite reasonable but when you think about chasing the plane downwind, running along behind it, that seems rather faster. By tea time, it still looked a bit iffy and quick showers didn’t help the prospect, but Rob Wallace held his nerve and we trooped out to Rayners farm. The pilots lined up on the launching line. Some stripped down to shorts and running shoes. Some were even seen doing stretching and limbering up exercises. There was a smattering of safety helmets and hi viz jackets to show that safety was a concern. With the sound of the hooter, the wind dropped to almost nothing, the spots of drizzle faded away and engines were started. Most people got away well and the scores will be posted shortly. A frustrating day finished with the successful completion of just one event, possibly the zaniest, most enjoyable event of the 90. No-one had a heart attack or got hit by an errant model and much fun was had.
Tomorrow, we hope to fill a day of great weather with action packed events on every site. We are making early starts and have extended the day to fit in as much as we can before prizegiving.