Nats Report, Day 3

  • 5 January 2018
  • admin

Well, they were right! Heavy rain during the night and rain when we woke up. But…… a forecast of a dry morning before another dose of the wet stuff after lunch. Contest Directors were tested to the max. What to do. Soaring decided that they needed 6 hours of good weather to run an F3B competition so called off early. Control line fly, whatever the weather, so they got straight into it. Pylon went out into the dying drizzle and set up their course in hope. Vintage RC headed down to their field and tested the air. After some test flights, the flyers were assembled and a vote taken, the decision was not to start the competitions. As people packed away, the rain stopped and then the sun came out, there was a bit of wind but the decision had been made and people left. Down at the Pylon field, the decision was to start flying at noon. Gradually, the bright blue radar returns crept down towards us and by about 1.30pm it was raining. The plucky Control liners continued to fly but the rest took shelter. Modellers drifted in and out of HQ, some had a go on the simulator, others took advantage of the hall for a bit of flying, or just to shelter from the rain. Fresh from proving his prowess on the simulator by demonstrating that Mode 1 flyers can cope with a Mode 2 Transmitter by flying low level inverted, Peewee then flew his foamy straight into the wall of the hall.
Today seemed like a good day for holding AGMs with both Vintage and Control line completing the processes. But the real winners of the day were Free Flight and Control Line scale who completed their programme without any interruption from the weather as it is held inside the hall, the only distraction being the sound of the rain beating on the roof.
Hopes are high for tomorrow. The rain should clear mid morning and we hope to complete a full days flying culminating in the mad dash around the fields that is Aggie. It might be a bit windy so the game will be to avoid long retrieves. Jarrod the greyhound is absent this year so we don’t need to feel quite so athletically challenged, but lycra shorts and running spikes will be frowned upon.