Day 2 Report

  • 4 January 2018
  • admin

We kept getting calls from the North telling us how bad the weather was and yet, we decided to go flying despite the bright sunshine and calm conditions. “It can’t last” they said, “you’ll be drowned rats by lunchtime”. As usual, the Free Flighters led the way to get the best conditions and soon we had 4 active flying sites. In fine co-operative style, Scale undertook to get a move on so that Aerobatics could make the best of what might be a shortened day. Many beautiful Scale models were flown and Frazer has posted photos of many of them. Soaring had a field change from yesterday moving from sheep pasture to cow pasture. There was ample space and soon the winches were singing as 4metre gliders were shot towards the clouds. Lunchtime came and dark clouds gathered around us. In HQ we kept a close watch on the rain radar and saw the bright blue patches denoting heavy rain building to the North and coming towards us. By mid afternoon, it was clear that the bad weather was tracking down either side of us. Flying continued, the soarers coped with fickle winds and endured downwind launches rather than re-rig but then it went calm, but having got 4 good rounds in the bag they decided to call it a day. Vintage Free Flight completed all of their competitions and had some epic retrieves across several paddocks as testament to the good conditions. Free Flight also kept to their programme.

Today has been combat for the Control line flyers. We hear the sound of high revving glow motors as battle commences but then it goes to a single steady tone and you know that only one flyer is left with a steamer. Fun to watch the twisting and turning and a steady stream of spectators enjoying the spectacle.

We had planned a Radian mass launch event for 6pm but the heavens finally caught up with us at 5 and so it was abandoned. All afternoon, new arrivals had told us that driving conditions were almost impossible in parts of State Highway 2 and so our luck had to run out sometime. Thankfully, it was after everyone had packed up for the day. We went ahead with the planned BBQ and gathered in the hall for a social.
The forecast for tomorrow is not too bright but the weather will be what it is when we look out of the windows and there is still plenty left in the banter tank.

Results are being posted as fast as we can process them.