Nats Day 1 report.

  • 3 January 2018
  • admin

After all the gloomy forecasts about the weather and torrential rain overnight, the day dawned clear and calm allowing the early birds from Free Flight to take full advantage. FF Scale were able to complete their programmed event by 7.30am leaving RC1 clear for the radio control scale team to commence their full schedule. Soon, all the flying sites were busy, from control line at the Clareville showgrounds through Scale on RC1, Soaring on the new Vintage field and Free Flight down at Rayners farm. The weather was warm, cloudy and dry. At HQ, a steady stream of arrivals proved to be more competitors with events later in the week and visitors coming for a look see. We are pleased to see Hans Visser, our representative with FAI and CIAM for many years making a visit from his native Holland and taking a keen interest in the activity. Control line looked to be very busy but strangely silent as electric planes went through their routines out on the Oval. Down at the Premier Duration soaring event, the lift went from tricky to abundant. As the clouds grew denser, there was clearly some heavy weather tracking down the Tararuas from the north and rain showers visible in the distance. Around 4pm Soaring were completed and Aerobatics well into their schedule when we started to hear thunder and spots of rain were coming as people packed away. By 5 o'clock it was raining heavily in the camp but people were starting to gather in the hall. Angus Mcdonald and Stephen Wade had been quietly practicing Hangar Rat for most of the afternoon. After an hour of Indoor HLG with some practice Ratting, the competition got underway at 7. A total of 26 entries prepared to do their best and at one stage there were more than 60 people in the hall enjoying the spectacle. There were some very creditable flights from Rowdy, Joe, Gwyn and Suetonia but most people simply stopped to watch Angus flying. The event doesn't close until 11pm so the results will have to wait til tomorrow but it must rate as one of the successes of the 70th Nats. Well done everyone, young and old for building,entering and flying. So, the first full day completed and an excellent day all round with fingers crossed that the weather will be equally kind tomorrow.