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F3B - Multi Task Thermal Soaring Gliders   
This is the oldest of all R/C glider competition classes. Initially it was a simple "duration" event, but soon expanded to a multi task event, in which the pilot has to fly 3 different tasks, Duration, Distance and Speed in each round.In the Duration task the goal is to fly the glider for exactly 10 minutes and land as close as possible to a designated spot. In the Distance task the pilot has 4 minutes working time in which his glider must cover as many times as possible the official course of 150 meters in either direction. Finally, in the Speed task the gliders must cover 4 legs of the aforementioned course as fast as possible.For launching their gliders the competitors use specially made electric winches.What it is more challenging in this class is the designing approach of the model, as all three tasks must be flown with the same model, which must be trimmed to achieve the minimum sinking speed in the first, the minimum gliding slope in the second, and the minimum drag in the third. In addition to these parameters, the model must be light, aerodynamically clean and exceptionally strong to withstand launching forces and speeds exceeding 200 Km/h.World Championships in this class are organized bi-annually, in which more than 80 pilots are competing, in more than 9 flying rounds.

Peter Williams Launching Richard Thompsons Pike with Aneil Patel in the background already on the course