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Model Flying New Zealand (MFNZ) arranges insurance that provides indemnity for injury or property damage caused by an accidental occurrence in connection with the activities of the members of MFNZ whilst flying model aircraft.

Salient Details of the Cover
It is the responsibility of " Clubs" to ensure that its members undertake flying activities within the rules and safety requirements of the Association and the Civil Aviation Authority. The Insurance Cover does not extend the members who fly outside these requirements.

The liability insurance cover provides indemnity for:
- Personal injury or property damage caused by an occurrence in connection with the business and activities of MFNZ.
- All classes of model aircraft sanctioned by the MFNZ.
- Claims arising anywhere in New Zealand and also when a member is participating in an overseas event.
- Member to member liability in respect of vehicle damage.
- The limit of indemnity is $10,000,000 any one occurrence - and in respect of liability under the Forest and Rural Fires Act cover is $1 000,000.
- Members are indemnified for legal defence costs arising when acting as an official in a MFNZ activity.
- An excess of $1,000 applies for each and every claim, of which the member will contribute the first $250.

A full summary of the insurance is available from the MFNZ Secretary:

1. To claim entitlement for insurance cover, all activities carried out by the Association’s members must be within the bounds of the Aims and Objectives of the Association - as set out in the Rules and By-Laws and as detailed in the General Competition Rules and the Flying Rules.
2. Damage to model aircraft is not covered.
3. Personal injury occurring in New Zealand comes within the provision of ACC but legal liability for third party personal injury that may be caused in connection with overseas activities is covered under the Policy.
4. Clubs must register their flying sites for approval with MFNZ to ensure they meet MFNZ, CAA requirements .
5. If any member is operating in areas where model flying is prohibited by central or local government laws (and/or by-laws); or is operating a model which is outside the Association’s rules; or contravenes any Government Department regulations (such as CAA) then the insurance cover is voided in respect of that member in the event of a claim. Operators of all models, and particularly "large" models should study the Civil Aviation Authority Rules 101 governing the operation of model aircraft (included in the MFNZ Member’s Handbook and the Club Manual).

Other Members
In addition to ordinary financial members engaged in flying models, cover extends to
a) Legal liability of MFNZ caused by bonafide visiting overseas model flyers who are members of an equivalent national Association in their home country (if they are not otherwise covered by their home Association insurance). Overseas visitors MUST be registered through a New Zealand Club or SIG as temporary members of MFNZ. MFNZ provides, at no charge, one calendar month membership, which may be extended on application by the Club or SIG.

Temporary membership forms are held by Clubs and SIGS or from

Overseas visitors flying models in the large model category must be certified by he MFNZ
Large Model SIG

b) prospective (new) club members who have yet to pay their club and MFNZ fees, this cover extends for a maximum of three months from the first date that such a person first operates a model aircraft with the club); and

c) persons who may be assisting at club activities (such as spouses and other appointed volunteers).

Download the MFNZ Accident Form here

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