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Allan Rowe (1917 - 2007)

Allan Rowe flew models from a very early age in the Wellington area and served in the RNZAF from 1940. He built models from balsa wood supplied for repairs to Short "Singapore" flying boats while serving in Fiji.

Allan was one of the Les Wright group who became particularly interested in the design of aerobatic single channel models, this lead to one of New Zealand's most famous model designs, the R6-B, dozens of which have been built in NZ and probably hundreds overseas. Allan Rowe came up with an innovative and appealing layout in 1953 and the publication of a feature and plan in a 1955 "Aeromodeller" made it an all-time classic.

R6B was followed by R6C and R6D. R6C first flew on 28 Feb 54, was little smaller and was a success right from the start. It was in demand for demonstrations - HMV and others. Allan got carried away at a RNZAC pageant at Hood Aerodrome March 54 and crashed after starting a loop too low after 25 minutes of "aerobatics". Rebuilt with an Elfin 2.49 - far too much power and finally written off in a spectacular dive at Palmerston North from the top of the climb.

Always an active club member, Allan wrote the Wellinton MAC newsletter on 1950 - '51, was a committee member of Wellington MAC in 1952 - '54 and became NZMAA president from 1954 - '57.

For many years Allan was involved in "full-sized" gliding, owning an Olympian 463 named "Kotuku" (White Heron) Later there was Jodel homebuilt and a microlight, until deteriorating eyesight made flying impractical.

Awarded the MacDonald Memorial Trophy in 1957 and made NZMAA Life Member in 1961, Allan played a major part in the location of the first Les Wright Radio Model in 1988.