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Business Plan
CAA Part 102 Certificate

Working Group Draft New Constitution
For members information only.

Rejected by council as it did not meet the brief from the AGM.
MFNZ Council Position and Method of Appointments

Wing Badge Proficiency Programme - DRAFT
Current Wings Badge Scheme

General Info

Turbine Code of Practice
Allowed frequencies
NZ Records
Vintage Plan Loans
MFNZ Public Liability Insurance
Model Calculator Aid
Transporting Model Aircraft Overseas
MFNZ Constitution

Certificate of Approval  for QANTAS and AirNZ. 
Contact Secretary at for application forms.

Club & Members Manuals
Section 6 - Safety and RC Field Requirements

Contact the Secretary for all other sections, these are being re-written.


For Clubs
Wings Badge Order Form
The Wings scheme is being re-written.  Details of the proposed scheme are above.  Old qualifications will be recognised in the new scheme.

Flying Site Registration Form (Word Document)
Flying Site Registration Online (Online form automatically sent to MFNZ on completion)

Noise Conversion
MFNZ Policy on Field Spacing

Accident Report Form (new)

Club Administration
Membership_Spreadsheets (new)
Affiliation Form (new)

Health and Safety Assessments
Club Safety Plan
Risk Assessment Procedures
Risk Assessment Template
Accident Report Form

Competition Rules
S01 - General
S02 - Free Flight
S03 - Control Line
S04 - Vintage
S05 - Soaring
S06 - Free Flight & Control Line Scale
S07 - RC Scale (also see Scale Page)
S08 - Pylon
S09 - Helicopter
S10 - RC Pattern
S11 - RC Scale Aerobatics

For SIG's