MFNZ 71st Nationals
 71st MFNZ National Championships at Matamata 2019 - Entry Statistics

 MFNZ Members entered to date: 69

Event NoEvent DescriptionStart Date/TimeEntries to dateEntry Requirements Met *
-------------Free Flight
1/FF01  FAI Combined3/01/2019 7.00am1     
2/FF02  P.303/01/2019 7.00am1     
3/FF03  Indoor HLG3/01/2019 6.00pm21 more entrant needed!     
4/FF04  Hangar Rat3/01/2019 7.00pm8Yes!     
5/FF05  Open Rubber4/01/2019 7.00am1     
6/FF06  Catapult launch Glider4/01/2019 5.00pm7Yes!     
7/FF07  Hand Launch Glider4/01/2019 5.00pm6Yes!     
8/FF08  Tip Launch Glider4/01/2019 5.00pm1     
9/FF09  Open Glider5/01/2019 7.00am0     
10/FF10  E 365/01/2019 7.00am1     
11/FF11  Open Power6/01/2019 7.00am21 more entrant needed!     
12/FF12  Mini Combined6/01/2019 7.00am1     
13/FF13  Aggy6/01/2019 8.00pm12Yes!     
14/FF14  Kennedy Precision7/01/2019 7.00am0     
15/FF15  Kiwi Power7/01/2019 7.00am1     
    Total Entries for SIG 44
16/RCV01  RC Vintage A Texaco2/01/2019 9.00am1     
17/RCV02  RC Classical Precision2/01/2019 9.00am3Yes!     
18/RCV03  RC Vintage IC Duration2/01/2019 9.00am3Yes!     
19/RCV04  RC Classical E Texaco2/01/2019 9.00am0     
20/RCV05  RC Classical 1/2 E Tex2/01/2019 9.00am0     
21/RCV06  RC Vintage 1/2 A Texaco2/01/2019 9.00am1     
22/RCV07  RC Vintage E Duration3/01/2019 9.00am4Yes!     
23/RCV08  RC Vintage 1/2 E Texaco3/01/2019 9.00am0     
24/RCV09  RC Vintage E Rubber Tex3/01/2019 9.00am1     
25/RCV10  RC Sport Cabin Texaco IC3/01/2019 9.00am0     
26/RCV11  RC Sport Cabin Texaco E3/01/2019 9.00am0     
27/RCV12  RC Vintage Open Texaco4/01/2019 9.00am1     
28/RCV13  RC Vintage E Texaco4/01/2019 9.00am0     
29/RCV14  RC Classical IC Duration4/01/2019 9.00am0     
30/RCV15  RC Classical E Duration4/01/2019 9.00am21 more entrant needed!     
31/RCV16  RC Vintage Precision4/01/2019 9.00am6Yes!     
32/RCV17  RC Scale Texaco4/01/2019 9.00am0     
33/FFV01  FF Vintage Power Duration5/01/2019 7.00am21 more entrant needed!     
34/FFV02  FF Vintage Rubber Duration5/01/2019 7.00am1     
35/FFV03  FF Vintage Precision5/01/2019 7.00am1     
36/FFV04  FF Nos/Vint Small Pwr Dur6/01/2019 7.00am21 more entrant needed!     
37/FFV05  FFClassic Glider/A2 Comb6/01/2019 7.00am0     
38/FFV06  FF Vintage Glider Duration6/01/2019 7.00am0     
39/FFV07  FF Nos/Class Pwr Dur Comb7/01/2019 7.00am1     
40/FFV08  FF Nostalgia Rubber7/01/2019 7.00am1     
41/FFV09  FF Vintage Catapult Glider7/01/2019 7.00am5Yes!     
    Total Entries for SIG 35
-------------Control Line
42/CL01  FAI F2B Aerobatics4/01/2019 9.00am8Yes!     
43/CL02  Sportsman Aerobatics4/01/2019 9.00am4Yes!     
44/CL03  Classic Aerobatics4/01/2019 2.00pm3Yes!     
45/CL04  Slow Combat5/01/2019 2:00pm3Yes!     
46/CL05  FAI F2D Combat5/01/2019 10am0     
47/CL06  Classic A Team Race30/12/2018 1.00am0     
48/CL07  Classic B Team Race 30/12/2018 3.00pm0     
49/CL08  1/2 A Team Race 31/12/2018 9.00am 0     
50/CL09  FAI F2C Team Race 31/12/2018 10.00am 21 more entrant needed!     
51/CL10  Slow Goodyear 31/12/2018 12.30pm 0     
52/CL11  Fast Goodyear 31/12/2018 4.00 pm 0     
53/CL12  Class B Team Race 1/1/2019 9.00am 1     
54/CL13  F2F / Classic FAI 1/1/2019 10.30am 0     
55/CL14  Percentage Speed 31/12/2018 1.30pm1     
    Total Entries for SIG 22
56/GL01  ALES 200 (Class N)3/01/2019 8:30:00 AM10Yes!     
57/GL02  Premier Duration (Class C)3/01/2019 1PM7Yes!     
58/GL03  FAI F3J4/01/2019 8:30AM8Yes!     
59/GL04  FAI F3B5/01/2019 8:00AM9Yes!     
60/GL05  FAI F5J6/01/2019 8:30AM12Yes!     
61/GL06  ALES RADIAN (Class P)6/01/2019 2PM14Yes!     
62/GL07  FAI F3K7/01/2019 8.30 a.m.10Yes!     
63/N/A  Free Mass Radian Launch??/01/2019 5:00pm15Yes!     
    Total Entries for SIG 85
-------------Free Flight and Control Line Scale
64/FC01  FAI F4A Power Scale3/01/2019 6.30am1     
65/FC02  Outdoor Rubber Scale3/01/2019 6.30am1     
66/FC03  Kit Scale4/01/2019 6.30am1     
67/FC04  CO2 & Electric Scale4/01/2019 6.30am0     
68/FC05  Peanut Scale5/01/2019 6.30pm21 more entrant needed!     
69/FC06  Indoor kit scale5/01/2019 6.30pm3Yes!     
70/FC07  Indoor Open Rubber Scale5/01/2019 6.30pm1     
71/FC08  F4D Scale5/01/2019 6.30pm0     
72/FC09  F4B CL + Profile Scale5/01/2019 9:15am0     
    Total Entries for SIG 9
73/RCP01  Quickee 500 Sport5/01/2019 1pm-6pm6Yes!     
74/RCP02  F3R5/01/2019 1pm-6pm4Yes!     
75/RCP03  F5D5/01/2019 1pm-6pm1     
76/RCP04  F3D5/01/2019 1pm-6pm3Yes!     
77/RCP05  F3T5/01/2019 1pm-6pm3Yes!     
78/RCP06  E Sport5/01/2019 1pm-6pm0     
    Total Entries for SIG 17
79/RCA01  Basic IMAC3/01/2019 4A4Yes!     
80/RCA02  Sportsman IMAC3/01/2019 Morn 4A0     
81/RCA03  Intermediate IMAC3/01/2019 Morn 4A6Yes!     
82/RCA04  Advanced IMAC3/01/2019 Morn 4A1     
83/RCA05  Unlimited IMAC3/01/2019 Morn 4A21 more entrant needed!     
    Total Entries for SIG 13
84/RCA06  Clubman Pattern3/01/2019 Morn 4A6Yes!     
85/RCA07  Expert Pattern3/01/2019 Morn 4A21 more entrant needed!     
86/RCA08  Masters Pattern A183/01/2019 Morn 4A21 more entrant needed!     
87/RCA09  F3A Pattern P193/01/2019 Morn 4A4Yes!     
88/RCA10  Classic 3/01/2019 Morn 4A6Yes!     
    Total Entries for SIG 20
-------------RC Scale
89/RCS01  Novice Scale3/01/2019 1pm-6pm3Yes!     
90/RCS02  Intermediate Scale3/01/2019 1pm-6pm7Yes!     
91/RCS03  Classic Scale3/01/2019 1pm-6pm21 more entrant needed!     
    Total Entries for SIG 12
92/FPV01  MFNZ Multirotor Championships4/01/2019 9.00am0     
93/FPV02  MFNZ Wings Championships5,6/01/2019 9.00am3Yes!     
    Total Entries for SIG 3
94/HEL01  Helicopter Funfly7/1/2019 9.00am0     
    Total Entries for SIG 0
* for an official event, there must be at least 3 entrants.